Best Bikini Trimmer – My Guide to Buying Bikini Hair Trimmers!

picture of sarah paskel from best bikini trimmer!Hi! I’m Sarah Paskel and I started this website about bikini trimmers to share my reviews of bikini hair trimmers and shavers that I’ve used over the years. My hair removal regime is quite simple: I mostly do light trimming every day or so with a electric bikini line trimmer although sometimes I would use a normal bikini razor as well. Yes, I’ve done bikini waxing before but it was too much of a chore. It’s also rather costly and painful too!

There are many ways of grooming your bikini line such as waxing, sugaring, chemical depilatory and the use of epilators. But using a bikini area trimmer is by far the easiest, the most convenient and least painful option amongst all the choices I’ve tried so far.

So what’s the best bikini trimmer out there and which one should you really buy? It can be challenging to find a realy great bikini line trimmer but I’ll try my best to help you make the right decision. I’ve gone through my fair share of bikini trimmers: there are some really fantastic bikini trimmers and then there are some crappy ones that give you razor burn and bumps (hate that!).

On this website you’ll see a list of my unbiased bikini trimmer reviews and recommendations on specific bikini trimmers. Let’s start first with a brief buyer’s guide to bikini trimmers and shavers.

Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Bikini Trimmers

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Victoria secret bikinis are great for showing off your well-groomed bikini line.

Finding the best bikini trimmer for you is easy if you know what kind of bikini line you are going for. There are three main bikini styles which you can go for – American, French or Brazilian. The American Style, also known as Bikini Line, features the frontal hair trimmed down flat. Either sides near the thigh are trimmed neatly to form a visible triangle. The French style features a “landing strip“, an elongated rectangle that ends at the clitoris. The Brazilian, also known as Full Brazilian or Sphinx, features the full removal of public hair.

All bikini trimmers or shavers can be divided into two types: the manual bikini shaver/razor and the electric bikini line trimmer. The manual shaver is simply a normal bladed razor and shaving requires the use of water or some shaving gel/cream. The electric bikini trimmer can be used either wet or dry and it’s usually a rechargeable cordless hand-held electric device. Just turn it on, apply it to your skin and it’ll do the work.

There are many bikini line shavers and bikini electric shavers that work really well so you should base your buying decision on a few common factors:

  • Shaving power. Does it provide a close shave? Does it allow you to trim and shape your bikini line effectively? While all bikini razors and trimmers are roughly the same, some have a better blade design or a more powerful shaving motor. You should choose a powerful bikini hair trimmer so you don’t have to keep going over the same spots just to remove your hair.

  • Portability. Can it be easily carried in your bag and used whenever needed? Does it require a power outlet or is it cordless? A good electric bikini trimmer should be one that has a substantial battery life so you can use it multiple times without having to recharge it. It should also be light-weight and non-bulky.

  • Design. Is it ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold? Does it include special protective features to prevent nicks and cuts? A good bikini trimmer should be not only look good but should be easy-to-use and developed to provide maximum comfort during or after a shaving session.

  • Price. This is an important factor to many people but personally, I would suggest that you try not to make price a major buying factor. Why? Because you get what you pay for and its much better to spend a little more if you get a really good bikini trimmer that works well instead of a cheap version that will hurt you and give you ingrown hairs. Besides, a good shaver can be used for years if you treat it well.

Manual Bikini Shaver vs Electric Bikini Trimmer: Which Should You Choose?

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That's a really cute pink bikini.

People I know always ask me this question. The truth is, there are advantages and disadvantages for each method. First of all, the manual bikini razor will give you a closer shave than any electric trimmer. But the downside of this is that you may get cuts or razor burn after using it. It also requires you to shave while wet so you can only shave in the shower. You also have to replace the blades more often than electric trimmers because they’ll get dull.

On the other hand, you can use an electric bikini hair trimmer dry or wet so its a lot more convenient. You can do trim right before you go out without having to get in the shower. So there’s no need to prepare lather, shave, wash off the suds and then dry your bikini area. An electric bikini trimmer is also faster to use than a manual bikini razor. You also do not need to buy replacement blades as frequently. Generally its more environmentally friendly than disposable razors.

The only downside for electric bikini trimmers is that they don’t give you as close a shave as a manual razor but then again, electric trimmers don’t give you razor burn or cuts/nicks as well (pro tip: if your skin feels sensitive after shaving, use some coconut oil to moisturize and soothe your skin). It’s completely pain-free and will not hurt your skin.

Personally, I prefer to use an electric bikini line trimmer because its just more convenient. If I want to take off all the hair and keep it off, I’ll probably use a bikini razor instead but since I’m not going completely bare down there, I’ll stick to a bikini trimmer for now. :)

Now that you’ve made it through the buyer’s guide, you might be wondering why bikini trimmer you should buy. I’ve made a list of what I think are the best bikini trimmers on the market. I’ve used all of them extensively and am happy to report that they are all excellent products you can use for years. If you’re looking for a bikini trimmer, you can’t go wrong with picking any of the following below.

The Best Bikini Trimmers – My Personal Recommendations

best bikini trimmer recommendation

cleancut bikini comboCleancut ES412 Personal Electric Shaver
+ Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Shaver
. Yes, I’m recommending two products! This is a combo bikini trimmer/shaver set that has worked miracles for me and it’s absolutely without a doubt, the best bikini trimmer/shaver out there on the market. Both the trimmer and the personal shaver are battery powered and work together. First of all, the PS335 T-Handle Trimmer is a small razor like looks like a traditional manual razor except that it has a small motor which vibrates when you press it against your skin. This gives you a really close shave with no ingrown hairs. Unlike traditional razors, the T-Handle Trimmer can be used on dry skin. You don’t have to use it in the shower like other small traditional razors. In fact, I often just use it after sprinkling some baby powder on my skin. This reduces any irritation and increases the closeness of the shave.

And then you have the Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver, which is a really unique bikini trimmer. It’s got a lovely vintage design and is completely made out of solid stainless steel. No cheap plastic parts here. It has an innovative round foil shaver head that’s extremely easy to clean. Just unscrew the cap like you would a water bottle and dump out the shavings. The Cleancut ES412 is mainly a shaver and is used for trimming stubble length hair, which is why you should use it after you’ve done a good first shave using the T-Handle Trimmer.

This bikini trimmer combo is a godsend for women. Once you’ve tried these trimmers, you’ll know why so many people are raving about them. Both of these shavers are fantastic: I not only use them for my bikini hair area but my armpits as well and they work just as well.

It’s really, really very hard to find a bikini trimmer/shaver that won’t cut you or cause razor burn/bumpy skin/ingrown hairs. And this pair of trimmers never gave me any problems like most of the other cheap shavers I’ve tried. I guess you really do get what you pay for, yeah?

While you buy each of them separately, you should probably get them together because of two reasons: 1) They are designed to complement each other 2) Amazon offers prices not found in retail stores. Highly, highly recommended. If you want to buy a bikini trimmer/shaver and use it for years, this is the one you want to get.

Amazon is currently offering a discounts for these two products which means you’ll save $18 combined from the retail price. You should probably take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Go read my reviews of the Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver and PS335 T-Handle Trimmer now!

bikini trimmer

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves shaverPanasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver with Bikini Attachment. This is a great all-in-one wet/dry electric shaver. It’s got sharp hypoallergenic blades and its very light-weight/compact as well. To be honest, I don’t really use it with the bikini attachment because I didn’t feel it was necessary. Why? Because this shaver is excellent on its own even on sensitive parts like the bikini line area. I have NEVER gotten a single cut or nick in the years I’ve used the Panasonic ES2216PC. Not once. Like all electric shavers, it doesn’t give you as close a shave as a traditional razor but its close enough for my liking. This ladies electric shaver is incredibly convenient and easy to use. And you can shave really fast too because of its shape and shaver head size. I can run through my legs, armpits and bikini area in less than 5 minutes when I’m really in a hurry. Great shaver!

Click here to read my review of the Panasonic ES2216PC Ladies Shaver or you can simply buy it now at a 26% discount from

Good luck in finding your dream bikini trimmer!
Sarah Paskel